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Complete the sentences with the correct comparative form of adjectives.

  1. Falcons are (small) but (fast) than eagles.
  2. James in not as (good) player as Thomas.
  3. I find Science (interesting) than Maths.
  4. Our house is not as (big) as theirs.
  5. This tablet is much (cheap) than iPad.
  6. Diana is (attractive) than Susan.
  7. Tigers are (big) and (heavy) than lions.
  8. The Chrysler building is as (tall) as New York Times Tower.
  9. January was (cold) than usual.
  10. She is as (lazy) as her sister.
  11. You won’t find a (good) place to live than this one.
  12. Pork is (fat) than beef.
  13. The journey was (bad) than I expected.