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Irregular verbs

Complete the sentences below with the correct forms of the verbs (Past Simple).

  1. She (make) breakfast.
  2. They (go) to Australia.
  3. Jim (take) her for a walk.
  4. Mary (come) at about nine.
  5. I (see) a good film yesterday.
  6. He (know) about it.
  7. We (get) home late.
  8. Tony (give) her wife those beautiful flowers.
  9. I (find) the toys in the attic.
  10. George (tell) me about it.
  11. She (become) famous.
  12. Diana (leave) a week ago.
  13. I (feel) miserable.
  14. Ms Snow (put) her keys on the desk.
  15. The show (begin) at 8:00pm.