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Past Perfect Simple

Complete the sentences with past perfect simple.

  1. I could not read the text because I (lose) my glasses.
  2. He watched TV after he (do) his homework.
  3. They celebrated their victory after they (win) that match.
  4. Before she left the house she (tidy up) her room.
  5. We talked about the book that we (read).

Complete the sentences with the correct verb forms (past simple / past perfect).

  1. Tony (play) computer games after he (come) back home.
  2. I (be) very tired because I (not/sleep) for a long time.
  3. She (talk) to her mum before she (leave).
  4. He (can/not/open) the door because he (lose) his keys.
  5. We (visit) the castle that they (tell) us about.