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Past Simple

Complete the sentences with past simple.

  1. She (stay) at home.
  2. We (play) tennis on Sunday.
  3. They (not/be) at school yesterday.
  4. What (you/do) when you came back?
  5. William (come) at 5 o’clock.
  6. Mrs Snow (make) some coffee for us.
  7. (he/tell) you about it?
  8. Garry (not/do) his homework.

Write the verbs in past simple.

How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune

Source: English Fairy Tales By Joseph Jacobs

Well, they (go) on till it (be) about dark, and they (begin) to think of some place where they could spend the night. About this time they (come) in sight of a house, and Jack (tell) them to keep still while he went up and (look) in through the window. And there (be) some robbers counting over their money.