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Possessive Determiners

Fill in the gaps with possessive determiners (my, your, his, her, its, our, their).

  1. I was very tired. I couldn’t open eyes.
  2. Susan and Jenny are tidying up room.
  3. Don’t forget to take coat. It’s cold outside.
  4. What is Ben doing? —He’s doing homework.
  5. Is Barbara coming with us? —No, she can’t. She has to look after little sister.
  6. new house is great. And we got it for a good price.
  7. Kate left after she had finished report.
  8. The next lesson starts in five minutes. We have to go back to classroom.
  9. Look at this fish! teeth are so sharp!
  10. I’ve cut finger. It hurts a lot.
  11. Open books at page 47.
  12. John can’t play tonight. He broke arm yesterday.
  13. Have you met the Kings? son works in our company.
  14. This is a brilliant gun! You will love fire rate.
  15. Hello. I’m William and this is wife, Ann.