Angličtina » Cvičení » “Will” vs “be going to”

“Will” vs “be going to”

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I’m very tired. — Wait _____ you some coffee.
    I’ll get you
    I’m going to get you
  2. Are you doing anything tonight? — Yes, _____ football on TV.
    I’ll watch
    I’m going to watch
  3. What would you like to drink? — Er, _____ some juice, please.
    I’ll have
    I’m going to have
  4. Have you already sent the email? — No, I forgot. _____ it now.
    I’ll do
    I’m going to do
  5. We’re hungry, mum! — Ok, _____ some sandwiches.
    I’ll make
    I’m going to make
  6. Watch out! _____ !
    The boxes will fall
    The boxes are going to fall
  7. I hope that _____ on time.
    they’ll come
    they’re going to come
  8. We’ve missed the bus. _____ late for school.
    We’ll be
    We’re going to be
  9. It’s too difficult for me. — Don’t worry. _____ you.
    I’ll help
    I’m going to help
  10. I think that _____ tonight.
    United will win
    United are going to win
  11. There are no clouds in the sky. _____ a beautiful day.
    It will be
    It’s going to be
  12. You can trust me. _____ anyone about it.
    I won’t tell
    I’m not going to tell
  13. I’m looking forward to summer holidays. _____ our friends in Rome.
    We will visit
    We’re going to visit
  14. This horse is a class above the others. _____ the race.
    It will win
    It’s going to win
  15. She doesn’t like him. _____ him to the party.
    She won’t invite
    She’s not going to invite