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Kids Quiz I (United Kingdom)

Choose the correct answer.

  1. The population of the UK is about million.
  2. The capital of the UK is .
  3. United Kingdom is located in .
  4. The official head of the UK is a .
  5. The UK currency is .
  6. A typical UK fast food is .
  7. The longest river in the UK is .
  8. The name of the UK national flag is the .
  9. The largest country of the UK is .
  10. Children in the UK usually start school at the age of .
  11. The oldest university in the English speaking world is .
  12. The most popular team sports in the UK are .
  13. The Easter holiday in the UK takes .
  14. The Scottish lake famous for its legendary monster is .
  15. The most famous prehistoric monument in the UK is .