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Modal Verbs I (can, may, must)

Complete the sentences using the words from the box.

can – can’t – must – needn’t – may – mustn’t

  1. I open the door. It’s locked.
  2. You see the film. It’s great!
  3. Tim go out tonight. His parents won’t let him go.
  4. Mary speak Italian, French and Spanish. She’s really good at languages.
  5. Bill tidy up his room. His sister will do it instead of him.
  6. You help your mum. She really needs it.
  7. You make such mistakes! The boss would get angry.
  8. The soup is tasteless. She cook at all.
  9. You go there. I’ll take care of it.
  10. If I have time, we go to the cinema.
  11. She be in the library but I don’t know for sure.
  12. I believe my eyes! It’s impossible!
  13. you help me with my homework, please?
  14. you see the boy over there? It be Frank!