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Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Complete the text below with the appropriate tenses (Past Simple / Present Perfect).

  1. We (go) to Spain last summer.
  2. I (not/see) the film yet.
  3. Jim (be) to Russia many times.
  4. He (live) in Brighton when he was a boy.
  5. They (live) in Prague since 1996.
  6. (you/ever/be) to Australia?
  7. Jilly (buy) a new iPad yesterday.
  8. Amy (buy) a new dress. It’s wonderful!
  9. I (just/send) the email to Mrs Anderson.
  10. We (speak) to Mr Hill three days ago.
  11. Rangers (win) three games so far.
  12. I (not/play) tennis for a long time.
  13. She (not/be) at school last week.
  14. (you/already/do) your homework?
  15. I (break) my arm. It hurts a lot.