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Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate tenses (Present Simple / Present Continuous).

  1. She usually (wear) jeans, but today she (wear) a skirt.
  2. Can I speak to Mr Hill, please? —No, I’m sorry. He (talk) to a customer at the moment.
  3. I often (go) out with my friends in the afternoons.
  4. What (you/do)? —I’m a bus driver.
  5. What (you/do)? —I’m writing an email to Mrs Berry.
  6. Andy and I (go) to a party tonight.
  7. My grandma always (drink) black tea in the morning.
  8. The Brookmans usually (go) to the mountains at the weekends, but this time they (stay) at home.
  9. We (fly) to Rome next Monday.
  10. Look at Mike! He (jump) into the river!
  11. Jenny (walk) her dog every day.
  12. Shhh! Little Aaron (sleep) now.
  13. Jeremy and Sarah (visit) their aunt in Chicago every summer.