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Complete the sentences with the correct superlative form of adjectives.

  1. The Empire State Building is (tall) building in New York City.
  2. Elizabeth II is one of (rich) women in the world.
  3. Anne (careful) driver of all.
  4. John is (happy) person I know.
  5. It was (boring) lesson we had.
  6. Bolt is (fast) runner on Earth.
  7. Mark is one of (fat) men in the US.
  8. Lucy is (beautiful) girl in our school.
  9. Blue whale is (heavy) animal in the world.
  10. They have (reliable) service in the industry.
  11. That was (funny) joke I had ever heard.
  12. She was (elegant) of all actresses.
  13. Frank is (dangerous) player of the team.
  14. It was (bad) day of my life.
  15. July is (hot) month.